Our home is located in the foothills of the Hausruckwald in Pennewang , just 20 kilometers from Wels and 30 kilometers from the Salzkammergut.

We live in a very historic setting, the "Volkrechts or Schusterhäusl" was already mentioned in 1714 the first documented and belonged to the diocese Lambach. An ancient cellar testifies with our own source of the troubled times where this place was a refuge and hiding place.

An inscription in the roof beams of 1834 is mentioned in all the chronicles.
For three years I've been looking for a suitable home for me and my dogs, where some things were absolute importance, no direct neighbors, a big reason the house the fence can be, a affordable price and habitable. It came across again and again to the "Volkrechts Häusl", but with a very high price simply was not affordable for me. But last year in September I was able to persuade the owner to sell it to me at a reasonable price. The owner was important in the first place that someone recognizes the historical value of the house and it's not just tear off.

So I plunged into the full three months work, built large pens for the dogs, made the interior habitable and have a heater installed, and it was the best christmas, christmas in new spending at home.

Since the house has to be continued as agriculture, are in the spring of some farm animals to join us, on what I'm really pleased.