On 26 ans 28 July mated Sturmi Fay, I hope for puppys end of September!


Ultrasound examination at 26 August, we saw six puppies, we expect the puppies around 23 September.

On 24 September three males and six females are born!

Windwarrior's Storm Warning "Sturmi"



PRA normal/clear

HD B ED 0/0 OCD free + back

BEAR normal
full correct sissorebite


ÖCH SKCH ÖJCH SKJCH Worldjunior Winner 2009

Famous Fay Blue Tattoo Outback Maverick "Fay"

ÖJCH SKCH ÖCH SKCH World Junior Winner 2009

PRA obligate A

HD A ED 0 / 0

BEAR normal

Eyes free

scissor bite -P4 u li.

BH + BGH 1

With Fay and Sturmi I fulfill my great dream, Fay is a very friendly, athletic dog, Strumi is the epitome of an ACD male, with enormous bone strength, very good head, strong pigment, and a very balanced friendly nature, a dog wich is very simelar to Donkas typ. With Sturmi I bring new purely Australian lines in my breeding.

Here is the pedigree of the planned mating.

All puppys from this mating are PRA obligate N (A)!

Are you interested in a puppy from these matings please contact me!