On 20. and 22. April mated Sturmi our Heliane!

Ultrasound 17.05.2013 Heliane is pregnant, Puppys around 23. June 2013!

19.06.2013 0ur O-litters are born four males, four females in red and blue!


Windwarrior's Storm Warning "Sturmi"



PRA normal / clear

HD B, ED 0/0, OCD free

BEAR normal

Complete scissor bite

ÖJCH Heliane vom Teufelsjoch

Austrian. Youthchampion, Aus. Federal Junior Winner 2011, Best puppy of day IHA Salzburg 2011


Obligate PRA normal / clear

HD A, ED 0/0, OCD free

BEAR normal

Complete scissor bite

Heliane is one daughter of my Lela, I have she already sent in Penison. Heliane is very similar to her mother, open and friendly, always cheerful. She inherited her lovely head and the bone strength of her parents, in combination with Sturmi I expect very typey dogs with perfect beings.

Click here for the pedigree of the planned mating.

We are have puppies in red and blue, all puppies are obligate PRA normal/clear (A).