Health testing our dogs:

All of our dogs are tested for PRA, or PRA obligate A (that is, both parents are tested for PRA A). In mating a breeder is always A PRA tested, to make sure that there can be no disease at PRA.

We only make a parent animal matings where evaluated with HD A, mating of B x B is not allowed in Austria, and dogs with HD C are completely excluded from breeding.

All voluntary breeding dogs are ED X-rayed and free from it, which is compulsory in Austria.

All our breeding dogs are BEAR normal, so no doubt bilateral hearing, this examination is performed at the age of 8 weeks, with all of our puppies from the levy and is also on a voluntary basis.

In addition, our dogs eyes are examined annually, DOK is investigated where possible to 14 hereditary eye diseases. Unfortunately this important study in Austria is not compulsory.

Our breeds have proven themselves very good in the show ring as in sports and have a secure system with dogs. An excellent form of value and good working properties are essential to get our race to continue as a working breed.

All our puppies are used for the supply of 8 weeks at home, garden and driving, they have grown up with my other dogs. Learn to know other animals, children, strangers and of course know different daily grind sounds.

All puppies are vaccinated with a microchip and EU pet pass, regularly wormed, BEAR belonging tested, PRA, examined by a veterinarian and have a full complete FCI / ÖKV pedigrees from original Australian lines.

A further contact with our puppy buyers is important to us and we also offer advice and assistance.