The sensorineural deafness in Australian Cattle Dog

As the ACD is born looking the sensorineural deafness is an issue.
From hearing tested parents can unilaterally (unliteral) or both sides (deaf) deaf puppies are born.
Therefore it is absolutely essential that all puppies be tested before delivery to their new home, because a unilateral deaf puppy often not noticed.

We test all our puppies at the animal hospital Mittertreffling to Dr. Biberauer.
The measurement is for the dog and is absolutely painless durchgführt in light anesthesia.
If the last puppies are yet to be tested first awake again and vets breeders and helpers keep you going.

Cause of sensorineural deafness is congenital or acquired loss of hair cells in the cochlea.
It should be noted that the human acquired hearing loss from noise by the partial destruction of the hair cells comes about. The hair cells are obviously a very sensitive sense, with organic

If a puppy due to damage to the hair cells deaf to the world must be differentiated again, whether the puppy was exposed during the embryonic toxic substances, for example by drugs that the mother dog was given, or whether it is a genetic defect.
The most common cause of deafness in dogs is a congenital sensory deafness, coupled with the absence of pigments.
The white markings in white dogs come from places unpigmented skin, white fur. inside of the ear is non-pigmented skin, atrophy of the nerve endings that supply the inner ear and eventually die off in the first weeks of the pups, leading to deafness. Whether the skin in the non-accessible area of the ear is pigmented or not, can not be found by looking into it.
Many dogs with white hair in the ears are deaf, many deaf dogs have also colored ears.

Some dogs have white fur despite pigmented skin (White Shepherds or West Highland Terrier), they have black noses and eyelids. This white coat color then carries no risk for deafness!