Our history

My whole life has always revolved around dogs and horses. It all began in 1991 when I got my first dog. His name was Morris and was a mixed breed Husky from a shelter.

He accompanied me every day until the 13th of January 2006. He was the steadfast guardians of the stables and the best friend and playmate of my riding students. I started working with Morris on the dog training facility and this led to many years of intensive dog sport.

We participated many times at the Companion Dog level 2 and several times we were awarded club champion.

Another interest of mine was to be a part of protection dog sports.In April of 1993 l bought my first German shepherd dog "of the Joplin Brandachschneise" and with her I passed the Schutzhund III.

During this time I got to know Mrs. Dagmar Haidinger, the "Jil from Brandachschneise," the foundation bitch of her kennel Teufelsjoch possessed.


From the first GS litter vom Teufelsjoch I conducted from June 1995 'Andor vom Teufelsjoch " Andor was my absolute top dog and I took him to the SchH III, IPO III. Andor died on 9 June 2008, afte rliving a beautiful and fullfilling life.He was the dog of my heart!

The documentation about the universe "Rex the true story of 1996 –which is a documentary about the German Shepherd dog but also introduced to the Australian Cattle Dog. I was fascinated with what force and determination two dogs were able to move a large herd of cattle. A riding friend of mine had spent a year in Australia and when he returned had nothing but rave reviews about these dogs.

My interest was sparked and I began my arduous search for breed descriptions, breeders, etc. At that time many years ago not much was know about the Cattle Dog.Years passed but this race of dog never left my mind.

In 2004,so began the search for a Cattle Dog puppyThrough the Internet, there was now greater access to the still fairly rare breed and so I came to the kennel "Kings of the Dawn" by Mr. Andreas Kettl. He just had a litter and so Donka came into my life.

Donka ACD is a male with his own personality and a little rough around the edges, I was puzzled because, what had worked well for German Shepherds, was not working for him. Donka is the absolute ruler and leader of the pack in my house but still friendly with people and loves to play.

Donka is fully approved for breeding since 2006 and has already witnessed promising offspring.

When I showed Andrew his second litter, I was immediately aware of the high quality. After much deliberation, I decided to keep Lela, much to the delight of Donka, because he was getting bored with my old dog.

Lela is a very friendly and obedient dog. She’s absolutely compatible with a high willingness to work and enjoys to play Frisbee. Lela is an absolute shadow dog,following your every step.

In January 2007 with Blue, l fullfilled a wish come true and breeding partner for Donka, but also committed a good deed. Blue was returned back to the kennel Cidabro from Mrs Andrea Dankova, because the previous owners did not know what to do with her.

Mrs. Dankova, the Blue adored, decided reluctantly to seek a life space for Blue, because Blue was not equal because of their bad experiences with their previous owners, the pack pressure in the kennel Cidabro.

In the beginning,Blue was afraid of everything but after a few weeks a real power package came to light. Blue always has something, and she is always good and obedient. She can be allowed anywhere to run free because l know she will always come to be by my side.


Meanwhile, some years have passed, and there are still some new dogs , Donka unfortunately died in 2010. I have always been careful to make meaningful matings, and have  some dogs imported. Meanwhile, dogs from my breeding are the foundation dogs in other new ACD kennels, I hope that I can pursue my beloved hobby for many years, and I still have much pleasure in my breeding.

The kennel Teufelsjoch

In the kennel Teufelsjoch fell between 1995 and 2000 four litters German Shepherds. Under the offspring found themselves well-known sports, drugs and police dogs.


Since 2006, the kennel on Australian Cattle Dogs was expanded, and in 2007 was my first ACD litter.


What I have not dared to dream in 1996, has realized, I am breeder of Australian Cattle Dogs, then the circle has closed.......