Alle puppys found a new home, planning litters!

All puppys found great familys!

B2 puppys are four weeks old!

It are four boys and four girls!

Viper is pregnant, IHA Oberwart!

We expect puppys aroud the 4. september!

Planned litters

On 4. and 6. July mated Smile my Viper.

Planing litters, healthtests!

On 21 July Sturmi mated BB

Mating Jack x Peaches, Showresults, healthtests!


Mating Jack x Peaches!

The X puppys are six weeks, showresults

The X litters six weeks old!

X litters are born, Forrest and Funky Town for sale!

On 24.09.2016 our X litters are born!

W litters are born!

On 04. July 2016 W litters was born!

Fay is pregnat, Show and healthresults!

We expect litters from Jack and Fay end of june!

Mating Jack x Fay, healthtests, Ullrich!

On 28 and 29 April mated Jack Fay, we hope for puppys end of june!

CACIB Gent, Healthtests, ÖKV Gütesiegel 2016!

CACIB Gent Quy vom Teufelsjoch V1 CAC CACIB BOB!

German Shepherd puppys, new title!

On 09. Jannuary, my german shepherd puppys are born!

Showresults, healthtests, planned litters

Wrangler has two new showtitles!

Healthtests, Urigell look for a forever home!

Sweet Urigella is still for sale!

U litters are four weeks old, V litters are born!


The H - puppies are always active!
Our U litters are born!

On 09.08.2015 four males are born!

Emily is pregnant, show succses, healthtests!


We expect puppies around 3 September 
The puppys are ready for their new home, healthtest!

All nine puppys are bilateral hearing!

The puppys are four weeks old, healthtests!


The puppies to be great!
Our T litters are here!

On 24 April 2015 the T litters are born!

Fay is pregnant, IHA Graz!

We expect puppies in April!

Mating Gibbs x Fay, healthtests, ÖKV Gütesiegel!

On 21 and 23 Febraury mated Gibbs Fay!

Double CACIB Nitra, health tests!

Sylvia was very sucessful in Nitra!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2015!

The S-puppys are six weeks old, IHA Innsbruck

The puppies explore the Garden!

The S-puppys are three weeks old!

The puppies growing fast!

Emilys puppys are here, Showsucess from Peggy Sue!

Our S-litters are born on 20 July 2014

The puppys are two weeks, Show sucess in Oberwart!

The puppys opend their eyes!

Emily is pregnant, show weekend in Klagenfurt!

I expect puppies from Emily and Leo about July 15!

BEAR Test Q litters, Show succes in Komaron!

All puppys from Q litters are bilateral hearing!

Heliane is pregnant, Show weekend in Nitra!

We expect puppies to July 3 of Heliane and Lysander!

Great show weekend in Wieselburg, the puppys are five weeks!

The puppys are five weeks old!

Great healthtests!

We were HDX-ray!

The puppys are two weeks old!

The puppies going to be great!


Great show weekend in Maribor!

There was BOB both days for our dogs!

Our Q litter is born!

On April 18, our Q litter was born.

Show weekend in Salzburg, Lestat ist Austrian Champion!

A very successful weekend in Salzburg!

Lestat is SK Champion, Züchternadel in silver!


My kennel were awarded the breeder needle in silver!

Carla is pregnant!

Ultrasound examination from 03.13.2014 Carla is pregnant.

Mating Sturmi and Carla, new under Litter Plans!

On 12 + 14 February matet Sturmi my female Carla!

ÖKV Gütesiegel, Lestat in Trecnin!

Also for 2014 we have again received the ÖKV Gütesiegel!

Catulli looks for a new home!

Catulli vom Teufelsjoch looks for a quite home.

The puppys are 8 weeks old!

It is time to say goodbye!

The puppys are 6,5 weeks old!

Time goes by too fast!

The puppys are four weeks old, Great Showresults from Lestat!

The puppys got their names!

The puppys are three weeks old!

It is turbulent in the litter box!

The puppys are two weeks old!

All puppys has opend their eyes!

The puppies are one week old, show results!

The puppies have the birth weight more than doubled!

Our P-litters are born!

Our P-litters are born on 24 September!

Fay is pregnant!

We expect puppies in September!

New puppy photos!

Puppys are nine weeks old!

Litter control + BEAR test, show successes, mating Sturmi x Fay!

All O-puppys are bilateral hearing!

New puppy photos!

O-litters 4,5 weeks!

Great show weekend, the puppies make the first trip!

The puppies have made their first trip!

O-puppys 3 weeks old!

The puppys got their names!

The puppys open the eyes!

The baby's going to be great!

Our O-litters are born!

We have four males and four females in red and blue!

Strumi, Lysander and Lizard King made ​​the BH test!

This weekend we had exam!

Great show weekend!

In three countries were dogs from me successful

Heliane is pregnant!

Ultrasound 17.05.2012 Heliane is pregnant!

IHA Salzburg, Heliane past BH test.

Heliane passed the BH test!

Mating Sturmi x Heliande, Lestat in Maribor, new Puppy Indiana!

On 20.+22. April mated Sturmi our Heliane!

Great results on IHA Wieselburg and in sport, Heliane is in heat!

Sturm became BOB!

Lysander is PRA N/N, Gütesiegel 2013!

Lysander is PRA normal/clear and PLL normal!

HD report Heliane, new breeding plans, puppys Lestat x Electra!

Heliane is HD A!

DoubleCACIB Brno CZ, HD report Kaja!

Kyron was successful in Brno!

CACIB Trencin Slowakia!

Lestat is Slovakia Youthchampion!

Mating Byron x Emily, Showsuccess Kaja!

 On 17.+18. January mated Byron my bitch Emily!

Breedingplans in Kennel "von der veste Rohr"!

Electra is pregnant from Lestat!

BEAR Test N-litters!

All puppys are bilateral hearing!

Great show results, new stud dog, new litter plans!

Lysander achieved in the ring of honour of the FCI Group 1 3rd place!

Double CACIB Nitra Slovakia!

A great weekend in Nitra!

New puppy photos, news from Kyron and Carmina Saphira!

The puppies had first vet visit!

New puppy photos, Fay and Bruni on Club Champion!

The puppys got their names!

New puppy photos!

The puppys are 24 days old!

New puppy photos!

Puppys 16 days old!

New puppy pictures, exhibition successes and endurance test!

The N-puppies to be great!

N-litters are born, healthtests, new male!

11.October our N-litters are born.

Bundessiegerausstellung Tulln!

Electra was also this year Österreichische Bundessiegerin!

Success in show and work!

A great weekend is behind us!

New studmale Kyron!

Kyron is triple A!

Carla is pregnant!

Ultrasound examination on 03.09.2012, Carla is pregnant!

Show success Hortensia and Eowin in agility!

Hortensia is second best female on the Swiss club show!

Mating Gibbs x Carla, IHA Innsbruck, healthtests, new studmale!

There are many, great news!

Kaja, Electra and Lestat on show, Carla made BH examination

Another great week for our dogs!

Success in sport, show and great healthtests!

Jethro Tull is Triple A!

Harmonia on Int. Dog Show Szczecin, Poland

Harmona won in Poland BOB!

HD X-ray Lizard King!

Lizard King has excellent hips!

Kyron at the Nat.Show Senec & Int. Dog Show Nitra, Grand Prix Slovakia 2012

Kyron reached on both days BOB!

We became "Züchterehrennadel", news under "For sale"

We have outstanding achievements in the breeding of the Australian Cattledogs, get the needle breeders in bronze!

Mating Gibbs x Electra, Kyron in Litomerice

Kyron in Litomerice -Ecellent 1, another CAJC

Electra is World Club Winner 2012!

A great weekend with dear friends in Salzburg is behind us!

BEAR Test Cobain puppys, Eowin wins Agiltiyturnier!

All puppys are both sinde hearing!

Eowins Agility start, new puppy photos!

News from Cobain puppys!

Kyron is polish Juniorchampion!

Kyron was also the CACIB Lodz not be beaten again!

News by For Sale!

In the Kings of the Dawn kennel only one male for sale.

HD result Harmonia!

Good news from the Netherlands!

Cobain made BH test, Lestat and Electra at the Arena Nova!

Another successful weekend is behind us!

Show and sport successes of Teufelsjochdogs!

New puppy photos, Planned litters and for sale updated!

Puppys are nine weeks old!

BEAR Test M-puppys!

Four puppys are both side hearing, Mulder is left deaf!

New photos from Cobain puppys!

Puppys in Kennel Kings of the Dawn are 12 days old!

New puppyphotos, Electra and Lestat in Nitra!

M-puppys seven weeks old!

Photos from E-litters in Kennel Kings of the Dawn!

There are two males and one female all three are red!

Puppys in the garden, E - litters Kings of the Dawn!

The puppys were the first time today in the garden!

New puppy photos, Electra is Österr. Champion, Harmonia on Show in NL!

M-puppys five weeks old!

Puppys are 4 weeks old, Kaja on her first show!

The puppies conquer the living room!

M-litters 3 week old, Electra was on IHA Graz!

The puppies are three weeks old!

Fay is on the cover of the Swiss dog magazine, new puppy photos!

Fay looks moreover again in a journal, and this time even at the front page!

The puppies got their names!

The puppies from the M-litter got their names!

New puppy photos, Harmonia was successful in Poland!

Puppys are two weeks old!

M-litters 1 week old, new photos of Lysander!

The puppies have more than doubled their birth weight.

Kyrons show success in Brünn, new puppy photos!

Kyron started first time in juniorclass!

Our M-litters are born!

We have four males and one bitch in red and blue!

Great Showresult Harmonia!

Good news from Netherland!

Electra is Slovakian Champion, new photos of Lysander!

Electra finished her second Championtitle!

Great Showresult Harmonia!

CACIB Nürnberg Harmonia gets V1 res. CAC res. CACIB!

Mating Cobain x Love!

On 11 and 13 January 2012 mated Cobain the bitch Love in the kennel Kings of the Dawn.

Fay is pregnant!

Ultrasound examination on 01/09/2012, Fay is pregnant!

BEAR Test L-litters

Today we have BEAR Test!

Harmonia is Dutch Youth Champion + New puppy photos!

Harmonia wins her third title, and there are new photos of the puppies!

My dogs in the magazine Partner Hund!

There is a great report in the January issue of Partner Hund.

L-puppy litter reduction and Mating

Rinzi visited us from Switzerland!

Great Showresults on IHA Wels!

We were both very successful days at the IHA Wels!

Great working results!

Flying Amy, Eowin and Bruni were very successful in dog sports.


New puppy photos!

The puppys are seven weeks old.

New puppy photos!

The pups spend much time outdoors.

Great Showresults in Nitra!

Electra made both days BOB!

The puppys are six weeks old!

The pups spend more time outdoors.

New puppy photos!

The puppies are five and a half weeks old.

Great results in Show and working!


Harmonia is Luxenbourg Youth Champion, Flying Amy and Eowin were successful in sport!
New puppy photos!

There are new single photo!

Blue Pepper wins the Calendar Action in Germany!

Blue Pepper will grace the cover of Germany ACD Club calendar!

New puppy photos + eye examination Rinzi!

The puppies conquer the living room!

Annual eye examination Kirk and mating!

DOC eye examination on 21.10.2011 Kirk is free on all points!

The puppies got their names

All individual galleries have been created.

New puppy photos!

All puppys have open the eyes!

New puppy photos!

The puppys are 9 days old!

Rinzi has full dentition!

An X-ray in Switzerland has confirmed that P1 is created.


Our L-litters are born!

We have two red females and four males in red and blue!

Great Showresults Cobain, Electra, Inspirit and Harmonia!

Cobain is Hungary Youthchampion!

We have two National Winner!

Electra Bundessiegerin , Carla Vizebundessiegerin, Heliane Bundesjugendsiegerin!

Kyrons first show!

Kyron very promissing Best baby!

Emily gets puppies!

Ultrasound examination at 09/09/2011 Emily is pregnant!

Great new dog photos!

The photographer of the magazine Partner Hund has visited us!

HD X-Ray Cobain!

Cobain has received great reports!

Bruni and Electras success in Bratislava!

Both days BOB for our dogs!

Harmonia made 2x BOB and Austr. Youthchampion!

The only 10 months old Harmonia reached on IHA Innsbruck both days the BOB!

Mating Frederick x Emily!

On 4. and 6. August mated Frederick our Emily!

Iphigenia has a new home!

Iphigenia ives now in Swizerland!

Electra and Harmonia in Hungary!

Electra and Harmonia`s show success in Hungary!

New site Teufelsjoch studmales!

We put the stud in front of our breed!

Frederick and Fiona Red Chili have breeding promission!

A great new red male for breeding!

Frederick is Austria Youthchampion Fay is Austria Champion

Fredericks first in Intermediat class V1 CACA CACIB BOB!

Eowin exam BGH 1 with 97 points!

Eowin makes her sporting parents all honor!

Infinity looks for a new home!

infinity looks for a suitable home.

BEAR Test K-litters!

BEAR Test all puppys are bilateral hearing!

Hortensia and Elektra great show success!

Hortensia at her first show at the Nat.CAC Aaarau: VP1  youngestwinner 3. Place in the main ring!

The photos of the show in Salzburg are here!

Heliane best puppy of the day!

BEAR Test All puppys Biene x Gibbs bilateral hearing!

9.6.2011 all pupys are hearing!

New site: My job and new photos from Iowa and Inspirit!

I added a new page "My job"!


Heliane and Fredericks great show success!

Heliane is best puppy of the day!

New photos from Iowa and Inspirit, J + K litters!

It gives many new photos!

HD/ED x-ray Frederick and Fiona Red Chili!

Both dogs have excellent hips and ellbows!

Rinzi on IHA St. Gallen!

The beautiful Rinzi made both days V1 CAC CACIB!

Gibbs and Carla Slovakisch Champions!

Great show success in Bratislava!

Inspirit is looking for a home!

Top quality puppy is looking for a loving home!

Galeries from J and K litters are ready

All puppys got their names!

Elektra two days BOB in Maribor!

Elektra is both days best dog of breed!

Bruni x Kirk litters!

On 2. may our K-litters are born!

New photos from Iowa, Inspirit and Isobel!

The last puppys from our I-litters!

Wellcome Cobain!

New male Cobain!

New photos from J-litters!

The puppies have doubled their birth weight!

BEAR Test by I-litters

BEAR Test by I-litters, all puppys are bilateral hearing

New photos from I-litters

The puppies make my garden.

Biene puppys are born!

We have three males and two femals in blue!

Litter control at the I-puppies!

Today was litter control!

IHA Wieselburg!

Chili, Elektra and Carla won their classes!

New photos from I-litters

The puppies in our garden!

Bruni is pregnant!

We saw five puppys by ultrasound!

We finally have Internet!

Finally we are in the new home online, there is a new puppy photos to group shots I-litter!

The puppys stays now in the puppygarden!

The puppys stays now in the living room!

New photos from I-litters


The puppies are always funny and playful.
Biene gets puppies!


The second ultrasound examination but were now seen three puppies!
Mating Kirk x Bruni

On 1 and 2 march Kirk mated our Bruni.

Harmonia on her first show!

On her first show, the judges were convinced of Harmonia's high quality!

The puppies are named.


All puppies have opened their eyes and have received their names.
Bruni is free from all diseases of the eye!

At the annual eye exam Bruni is free on all points!
Fiona Red Chili achieved third place in the main ring at the IHA Graz!


A great show day for the Teufelsjochdogs in Graz!
New puppy photos

The puppies to be great!
Annual eye examination Biene and Gibbs


Biene and Gibbs were yesterday at the annual eye exam, they are in all respects free!
14.2.2011 Our I-Litters are born!

Our l-litters are born, two males, six females!

Elektra vom Teufelsjoch is Tripple A!

Today we became HD result from Elektra HD A / ED 0/0!

Mating Gibbs x Biene


On 8 and 9 February Gibbs mated our Biene, we hope for puppies early April.
New studdog Donegal-Rinzi!


Another male from our breed has received for breeding, with a dream of a breeding diploma!
IHA Trencin 22.1.2011

Biene is Inter.Champion aund Slovak Champion, elektra is Slovak Junior Champion!

Fay is pregnant!


Yesterday we were at with Fay ultrasound, we can look forward to puppies!
New photos from Camelot-Dusty


Camelot Dusty like his Father!
Heliane is still for sale


Heliane is still looking for a suitable home!


Estorillo vom Teufelsjoch is Tripple A!


Today we have got the HD findings of Estorillo HD A, ED 0/0!
New photos from H-litters

We have new puppy photos from H-litters!

We have moved!


We moved before Christmas in our new home, the dogs are excited.
Mating Byron x Fay!


On 18. and 19. December mated Byron our Fay.
We have a new site "For sale"


From our H-litter still looking three puppies for a new home.
Examination success of Blue Liz and Elektra!


Blue Liz has taken in Switzerland, the BH 1 review and Elektra  in Austria, the BH test with very great response!
BEAR Test H-litters

All puppys from H-litters are both side hearing!

Kirk is MultiChampion

Kirk is the first ACD MultiChampion in Austria!

In Memoriam Garibaldi

Garibaldi was killed in a tragic accident.

New photos from H-litters


There are new pictures of the puppies!
Great show success in Nitra SK!

Our show team in Nitra won on both days,  all titles went to the Teufelsjoch dogs. Particularly gratifying is the three dogs are my own breed!
The galleries of the E - and F - litter are online!

I have finally found the time to create galleries!
New photos from H-litters


The puppies to be great and make a lot of nonsense.


Bruni is InterChampion


Today Bruni was confirmed as International Champion!


New photos from H-litters



There are new photos of the pups from the H-litter!
Eowin passed the BH test


Eowin today presented with her owner Anna 11/06/2010 from the BH test.



New photos from H-litters

New photos from the H-litters!


Donegal Rinzi the endurance and mental test


10/24/2010 Rinzi has the character test and endurance test 20 kilometers on the bike, in very bad weather, with flying colors


24.10.2010 New photos from H-litters


The puppies are now 13 days old and going to be great, they are increasingly mobile and all nine have opened the eyes.
Healthtests from Donegal- Rinzi


Today we have achieved very encouraging news from Switzerland:

17.10.2010 CACIB Komeron Hungary
Great showsuccess in Hungary!

A very enjoyable show weekend for Kirk and Biene in Komeron Hungary!

11.10.2010 Our H-litters are born!

Our H-litters sechs females three red three blue and three blue males.

Ultrasound Lela is pregnant

Ultrasound Lela is pregnant!
We expect our next puppy early, mid-October of this Champions pairing!

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