I am dog handlers in the private security service.


So that one can imagine something more in my work, I am going to my job and the tasks of my service dogs described in detail. With the main field is located in a residential area in Wels, the second largest city of Upper Austria, the area can be "multicultural" call, which of course leads to a variety of point of friction. It is a matter of okay, calm and ensure cleanliness, but also his contacts, and between parties in dispute mediation. In addition to this task, I am still fire warden at Bundesliga football games, fire officer at events, in pubs or large underground car parks and I am the One and the provision of alarm systems in a large shopping center responsible. Round and patrols, guard services are closed and the dogs to the daily routine.

My dogs that I use the service:

Byron the Lord of Teufelsjoch ACD


Byron is a natural working dog. Tasks that you must learn other dogs were troublesome to him in the cradle. He is always alert and in tension, so long can not service every night tour I already know when entering an underground car park if there was someone in it. The muzzle is for him no little disturbance but can inserting in immediately against an opponent very efektvoll and painful, the process is quick and without a sound, we hear only that rattles the teeth. He also responded quickly and decisively always completely displace it can by no means, he always goes forward. In children, it is neutral and rather distant, but impresses by its size, color and by its increasingly tense posture.


Goolgowi Blue Cidabro ACD


I use Blue a lot of  at the day's services because she has no special training in protection work. She likes children, is very sociable, ducks, hedgehogs, cats and other dogs out there in heaps on our tours, they can be quite cold, as even Byron can accumulate in top form. You with me tirelessly, is always relaxed and calm, the muzzle does not find that great, but takes it in their stride, to be there may be, they like going to the elevator and likes to do the patrols on the playgrounds. It will be very affectionate statements, Mrs Sergeant is the Byron today but small ...... or check the dog has a suit of armor on the nose ....


Uran von der Feuersäule DS


Uran is my apprentice, Uran is a German shepherd dog, and is purely DDR blood, his ancestors are the "who's who" of the DDR working dogs, so it leads right from the origin produces the right conditions for his work. Uran has nerves of steel does not help him from the rest, smooth floors, stairs or the lift grid are no challenges from him. His instinctual drives are remarkable, he is very fast down to 100 but just as quickly, simply a very nice dog. Uran is again the center between Blue and Byron think where I am already convinced that it will be. Uran but I will again lead the sports protection service, as he terms a very valuable pedigree dog.

Banana Bender Se Quel Guerriero Io Fossi ACD

Cobain has completed basic training with me, and now accompanies a young fellow on his rounds. Cobain is always attentive and friendly but powerful impressed by his appearance. Through its balanced, safe system that is perfect for his positions.

I have such a small insight into my field of work, which is very broad given my dogs are real dogs and service will also receive a salary, whether they are so out of working lines, except Uran was placed there ....

Important to me is the daily contact with my dogs, work at home and in sport, it's great to combine his hobby and profession.