N- litters
WT 11.10.2012

Our N-litters are born, three males, five females, alle puppys have markings on head or tail, two males have bodyspots.
Carla and puppys doing well.

Sire: Inter-MultiCH Austmans Special Agent "Gibbs"

PRA pattern A
HD A ED 0/0
BEAR normal
correct sissorebit -P2 down
eyes free
BGH 1 + 2
Dam: ÖCH-SKCH Carla vom Teufelsjoch (Kings of the Dawn Artis x Goolgowi Blue Cidabro)
PRA pattern B
HD A ED 0/0
BEAR normal
full correct sissorebite
eyes free
Carla is the only descendant of my beloved Donka in my possession, she is a very high quality bitch with good health values ​​and has the working properties and show quality of her parents inherited. With Gibbs, I'll go back to Pavesiline, where I have blood connection, without line-breeding. Since Gibbs is linebred very closely, it is important to avoid further inbreeding in his matings, and his descendants, for whatever bitches can be seen, so well in health, such as power and willingness to work.
All puppys from this combination are PRA A or B
Here is the pedigree of N-litters