WT 05.02.2012

We have puppys!

Foure males, three red one blue, one female red or blue!

Puppys: Mulder, Morrison, McGyver, Mercury, Maja


Donegal Rinzi from Teufelsjoch "Rinzi"

JB excellent, CAC, CACIB

PRA Pattern B

HD B ED 0 / 0

BEAR normal

Eyes free

Endurance test

Breeding license Switzerland

full correct Scissor bite P1 d. r.not broken but created here the X-ray and report


Rinzi is characterized by its great looks and his dream character, he is almost purely Landmaster (75%) drawn. Since it is evaluated with PRA B and the trend shows further that only breeders put value on A x A matings and let all the other benefits of a neglected dog, it is very important for me to use this exceptional dog in the breed. For me as a breeder are much more, great character, coupled with an exquisite form of value, and well thought-out pedigree, as only dogs to breed together with Tophealthtests.

World Junior Winner 2009ÖCH, ÖJCH, SKCH Famous Blue Tattoo Outback Maverick Fay "Fay"

Excellent ÖCH, ÖJCH, SKCH

A PRA obligate

HD A, ED 0 / 0

BEAR normal

Eyes free

Scissor-P4 u.li



Since Fay's litter was very successful with Byron, and Byron is a half brother of Rinzi yes, the thought of the lovely Fay Rinzi to reach. Since both have a super friendly nature, I expect a very pleasant easy care puppies, both parents are absolutely suitable for beginners. I once again proven to scalability Turrella x Landmaster, so such a combination comes Lela, Lela, and a dog like you can ask for, is such a dog it only once in a million!

We have puppies in red and blue and four males one female.
All puppies PRA A or B will be!

Here is the pedigree of the planned mating.