born 2. may 2011

InterCH MultiCH Valley of the Wind`s a Bit of Soul "Kirk"
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InterCh ÖCH ÖJCH Bruni Kazari Toyo Ken
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Since the ultrasound examination from Biene unfortunately no puppies were seen, and Dagmar had so looked forward to puppies and Bruni was on the same day as heat, we threw all our plans overboard. This mating was planned in our kennel, but at a later date, we wanted Bruni actually prove a highly successful breeding males from us, but unfortunately we missed this time, it was quick to make a decision.

In this combination we expect a similar way as in the Donka x Bruni litters, we go the same lines Landmaster, Pavesi and Kombinerlong and hope for such success as puppies from our E-litter.

We hope for puppies in red and blue from this Championsbreeding, all puppies will have PRA obligate A.
2may we have four puppys two males a red a blue one, two females a red a blue one, alle puppys are full in health, no puppy has a bodyspot, two puppys have a tailspot.

Pedigree of the litters

If you are interested in a puppy from this litter please contact me as soon as possible because there are already reservations.

email: info(at)teufelsjoch(dot)at
Phone: 83 290 +43/676/39
If you are interested in a puppy from this litter please contact me or Ms. Dagmar  Haidinger + +43/664/2323303.

The puppies will indeed bear the name Teufelsjoch, the litter is born again but at Dagmar on Attersee, grow up, as did the previous one.