I-litters 14.2.1011


Bitch "ÖJCH SKJCH World Junior Winner Females 2009, ÖJCH, SKJCH Famous Fay Blue Tattoo Outback Maverick" (Fay)              Puppys: Ivanhoe, Infinity, Indira, Indigo, Iphigenia
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Iowa, Inspirit, Isobel
Here are all about Fay
Male "Byron the Lord vom Teufelsjoch" (Byron)
Here are all about Byron
Since this year Lela very long time left with her heat and Emily came a little early, I moved the litter Emily x Byron on the next spring to avoid a double throw.

The mating of Fay and Byron is certainly very interesting, not only in terms of Showqulität. Both dogs have above-average work units and have very resilient play and prey drive and are both very easy to live here. Fay and Byron have in common in the pedigree on the Turrella line, but also in the master kennels was the lines of Landmaster, Turrella, Kombinerlong and Pavesi, very successful.

We expect puppies in blue and blue-speckled, all puppies from this mating will be obligate PRA A, a disease of PRA is excluded.
Here you find the Pedigree from this mating.


Ivanhoe lives with Gregor, and many cattle on a farm in Bavaria
Infinity lives with Birgit and family in our village and like her father in future she works as securitydog
Indira lives with Erich and many horses in Styria, she has begun the succession of Donka's brother Felix, she will emigrate to America soon
Indigo lives with Steffi not far away from us and will rescue dog
Iphigenia lives in sunny Ticino with Vasco and family, she has begun the succession of Lela's sister
Iowa lives with Maria and a very loving ACD bitch in Burgenland
Inspirit lives with Sylvia and Electra, and soon will start her show career
Isobel lives with Franzi and family in Innsbruck on a farm with lots of mountain sheep

On 14 February 2011 was born our I-litter, there are two males  with a double mask, and six females three with a double mask, one right half-mask, one with  monocle on the left and one plain face, not a puppy has bodyspots.
Final inspection on 4/11/2011 all puppies have a correct puppy sissorebite, the males both testicles are descended, not a puppy has a fault.
BEAR test on 4/19/2011 all puppies are undoubtedly bilateral hearing!