Kennel "Austmans" - England
Breeder of Gibbs
Breeder of Lela and Donka "Kings of the Dawn" Austria
Kennel "Bademstal - Hawk's Forest - Germany
Australian Cattle Dog Club Germany
Kennel "Ayers" Sweden Bredder of Emily
Kennel "Banana Bender" - Italy
Owner of Bubba
Kennel "Kazari Toyo-Ken" - Czech Republic
Breeder of Bruni
Kennel "Outback Maverick" - Germany
Breeder of Fay
Kennel "Sadwust" - Germany
Breeder of Donka's father Flace
Kennel "Bavarian Heartbreakers" - Germany
Kennel "Jumpin Joker's" - Germany
Kennel "Shadow of Tjukurpa" - Germany
Kennel "Cidabro" - Czech Republic
Breeder of Blue
Kennel "Drover Wind" - Germany
Kennel "Diamantina Force - Poland
Kennel "Hejastugans" - Sweden
Kennel "Zanzarina" - Germany
Kennel "Wild Desert Dingos" Germany
Kennel "Windwarriors - Finland
Home of Blue Liz and Donegal Rinzi - Switzerland
Breeder "Wild Willow" Switzerland
HP from Electra and Forrest ACD Kennel "Von der Veste Rohr"