Inter-MultiCH Valley of the Wind`s a Bit of Soul x Inter-MultiCH Bruni Kazari Toyo Ken

WT 02. Mai 2011

Youth Champion Poland, Tschechien and Slovakia

PRA obligate A

HD A, ED 0/0

Spine free 02.02.2015

BEAR normal

Eyes free 24.10.2012

Complete scissor bite

Training Schutzhundesport

Kyron is a perfect combination of show and sportdog, he has in the show ring more than satisfied with countless V1 placements and managed highly successful in the IPO sport, his health tests speak for himselves. Kyron has good medium size, good bone and correct angle and correct blue black and tan. He is friendly and personable, and spent his life with his owner Caroline with the horses.

Kyron is now available for approved bitches with FCI breeding license for breeding available. More info contact me or his owner Karolina.

Pedigree from Kyron