Jethro Tull vom Teufelsjoch

InterMultiCH Austman's Special Agent x InterMultiCH Biene return vom Teufelsjoch

born 11th April 2011


PRA obligate A

HD A, ED 0/0

BEAR normal

Complete scissor bite

Breeding license Slovenia

Jethro Tull is a very promising young male, with a very friendly nature and great working characteristics. Jethro Tull has an exceptional pedigree, he has a very high Pavesiblood. Jethro Tull has a friendly open nature, which makes even his grandmother Lela, and his dam Biene so irresistible, it's always good-natured friendly dog. Of course, about his sire, he has noticed the amazing show quality, both parents are so well-bred lines of proven, which is reflected in the high quality of Jethro Tull and his siblings.

Jethro Tull is suitable bitches with FCI breedlicenc, appropriate pedigree, conformation and health values ​​for ceilings are available, inquiries directly from me or from his owner Doroteja.

Pedigree Jethro Tull

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