(Multi-InterCH Landmaster Promised Land ÖCH x Kings of the Dawn Blue Bead)

Rinzi was born on 21.06.2009

Show results V1, JB, CAC, CACIB

PRA pattern B (tested by Optigen)

HD B ED 0 / 0

Spine free November 2014

BEAR normal

eyes free 27.10.2011

full correct Scissor bite P1 d. r.not broken but created here the X-ray and report

character test

  Rinzis Swiss breeding license is supposed to be the strictest in Europe!


Rinzi is my absolute dream dog, equipped with a very pleasant temperament, being absolutely safe and a very balanced article is a very strong dog bone, with exquisite Extrieur absolt and correct red.

Rinzis parents Lela and Bubba are characterized both by a very pleasant manner and high quality of show, what they have given to Rinzi further. Rinzi is a 75% share Landmaster blood, a very interesting stud dog, with good size and bone strength.

Rinzi is suitable for stud available for suitable bitches drying and questions to me or directly to its owner, Mrs. Corinne Butz.

Here is the pedigree of Rinzi

Rinzis HP