Windwarrior's Storm Warning "Sturmi"
Jayblue Aussie Salute x Pavesi Wind Spirit ( Import Australien)
WT 28.09.2011 Kennel Windwarrior's Finnland
Showresultat very promissing WDS Salzburg 2012, V1 CACA CACIB BOB
PRA normal/clear
PLL frei
HD B, ED 0/0
BEAR normal
full correct dentition
DNA profiled
Spine free September 2014
With Sturmi I've fulfilled a big dream and bring a purely Australian males into my kennel, which still comes half of the Pavesilinie, his father is Jayblue lines linebreed on the great Aussie Bangeeri Alchemist. With Sturmi I can continue to grow without the risk of running the Pavesilinie get too tight, although I have it with Sturmi blood connection but is related to any of my dogs in the fifth generation. A purposeful lines are given in order to continue to grow homogeneous litters.

Sturmi strong bones is a great dog with a very good head, and a very pleasant disposition and very simple nature, he always has good humor, is very environmentally safe and happy about everything and everyone. Because of the health ago he now meets all requirements for breeding, we will present it in the show ring and in sports.

Thanks to Tuulia Heikkinen Kennel Windwarrior's for this very special dog!


Here Sturmis great Pedigree