Lysander vom Teufelsjoch
Frederick the One vom Teufelsjoch x Ayers Dilly Red Dally
WT 5.Oktober 2011
V1 JB BOB 3. place FCI group 1
PRA normal/clear Genomia
PLL normal/clear Genomia
HD A, ED 0/0, OCD frei
BEAR normal
full correct dentition
Lysander is for me a very special dog, I want from breeding so much a bitch, unfortunately, was not one for me. I have asked repeatedly for sale Lysander had a lot of requests but I could never bring themselves then. I had never such a good woring dog he works with is so much fun, so I wanted to still wait for the health tests  to keep it. With Lysander I traind by the new training method, and aim at a continuing education in the area, and for that he is naturally bestendes suitable because it cause so great and so  happy. With him, I'm going to focus again more on work and less on the show ring, as his brother with Sylvia for me very hard to beat in showring. Of course, Lysander will soon reach its breeding license, in the foreground, but for me the sport and not the breedingdog.
Here the Pedigree from Lysander