Hyacinth from Teufelsjoch "Jack"

Valley of the Wind's a Bit of Soul x Kings of the Dawn Blue Bead

WT: 11/10/2010

Exhibition V1 CAC


PRA A (Laborklin)

PLL free (Laborklin)

HD B ED 0/0 OCD free

BEAR normal

complete scissor bite

Back inconclusive on 25/09/2014 (CD is available)

DNA profile

Jack came for personal reasons the owner at the age of almost four years back in my kennel. As a single dog he had to switch to properly get clear with my group housing, where also some other stud dogs live with me. But everything takes time and Jack adds more and more, he passed the BH test, and was evaluated on the exhibition with Excellent, his health tests and his pedigree speaks for itself. All descendants of Lela and Kirk have an absolutely great character and give it to their offspring. I am glad to have me taken up the challenge and Jack can not think away it to me.

Here is the pedigree of Jack,