(Sire "IntCH Windwarrior's Flying Force" x Dam "Kings of the Dawn Blue Bead")


Security dog in the private security

Byron is born 29. April 2008

Showresult V1
PRA obligate A
ED 0/0
BEAR tested bilateral hearing
full correct sissorebite
eyes free


Sometimes small miracles happen!
I already considered Byron as pet and sportscomanion as he got infected with toxoplasmose at the age of 6 months and his sciatic nerve got damaged. Due to wrong weight bearing i didn't get a good prognosis for a possible HD x-ray and confirmation shows where an absolute no go.
I trained him unwearingly to strenghten his hind quarters and took him to water therapy and to see the chiropractor. No matter what we tried, he always showed an unsteady gait.
When fall began, all of a sudden, his muscle tone got better and better and his gait became floating and effortless. So i decided to have him x-rayed by the beginning of October. The result was quite a sight: HD-A (excellent) and ED-0 (free)! With Byron being an obligate pattern A with a full dented scissors bite, he now is a so called 'triple A' dog. As a topping comes a great pedigree.
Now, his health results being excellent and Byron being back in shape,  wanted to take him to a show before making the desicion if i would stand him for stud as he is over sized (he's the only one in fron this litter).
At the international show in Wels Byron was rated excellent in all parts and therefore got his unrestricted breeding permission.
As Byron is really tall, i will only stand him for stud for middle sized bitches.
Byron works with me in building security where it inferior to the current use dogs for anything in his notice and will to work, and in every difficult situation immediately respond confidently and decisively.

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Byron the Lord vom Teufelsjoch