Female SKCH, ÖCH, Österr. Vizebundessiegerin 2011 "Carla vom Teufelsjoch" Carla
(Sire ÖCH Kings of the Dawn Artist (Donka) x Dam ÖCH Goolgowi Blue Cidabro (Blue))

Carla is born 7. Dezember 2008
Showresult V1, CACA, CACIB Slovakischer Champion, Österr. Champion
BEAR tested bilateral hearing
full correct sissorebite
ED 0/0




We are overjoyed to be able to Carla welcome you home!

Carla is the daughter of Donka and blues, and therefore can certainly imagine any my boundless joy, a descendant of the two to have in my kennel. This combination has indeed produced above-average dog, so I'm sure that Carla will be a worthy successor to her father, both in sports as in the show ring.

Carla spent her youth in Jan and Claudia in northern Germany, which wanted to build my help with a small kennel. But everything in life is often very different then, and the two are at the moment for personal reasons, not just throw in a position to get into the breeding and show events.

When she learned of Donka's death they immediately offered me, Carla again to give me back because the quality of this dog are well aware, to give me the opportunity to lead Donka's line in my kennel on.

Carla is a friendly and uninhibited bitch with a very high show potential, and has started her show career with Carola very successful. Here are the Showresults from Carla. The next target is a breeding license, since Blue is now retired and I hope her daughter will follow in their footsteps as a breeding and show dog.

To have Thanks again to Jan and Claudia go for the perfect nursery of Carla, it is not easy for them like Carla.
Carla lives with Gerlinde and Karl, who raised with much love and care the N-litter vom Teufelsjoch, and they are co-owner of Carla.
Here you see the pedigree from carla
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