MORRIS Huskymix BGH 1+2.
April 1990 - 13. January 2006

Morris was the first dog of my own, equipped with such a strong character and high intelligence, I had never seen in any other dog before. Morris was from the sanctuary and came at the age of approx. 7 months to me, his past was unknown. Morris walked with me every day to the stables where he had the whole place firmly under control. My riding students loved everything about him except his tendency to steal the odd piece of food,which wasn’t so great.

Morris was able to open all doors and boxes, and even the fridge, nothing that was edible was safe from him.
None of my dogs taught me more about konsquente education and if you should come to terms, he was my mentor for my career as an athlete and dog trainer.
On the dogs sport field he was so vibrant and such a free spirit that he was unbeatable,even at an older age ..
 On the 13 of January 2006,Morris,Joplin and l were together and since Morris was already senile and very sick, and the two had spent their whole life together, I opted for this very serious step.